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Out of a special encounter with God in her prayer time, this motivational speaker and child advocate realized God wanted to be her first love. In this turning point in her life, she released the unforgiveness she had held in her heart against God. As God called her back into his loving arms, healing and transformation began.

In her conversational prayers with God, she sensed He was asking her to call him Papa as a term of endearment. He began teaching her how to have a relationship with Him and how to walk in the calling God has on her life.

Ashley Schroeder shares about this close relationship with God in this book that developed as she spent time in His presence and through dreams and visions that God gives her.

Readers will be inspired as they learn how to pray with the expectancy of hearing a response from God, the power of forgiveness, who they are in Christ, their intended purpose as a son or daughter of the King of all kings, and the value of spending time in the Word of God for intimacy and revelation knowledge.