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The Papa God and Ashley Story



Ashley Schroeder is married to the love of her life, Kurt Schroeder. Kurt and Ashley have been blessed with two amazing daughters. Ashley started out in sales in 1993 and today owns her own business, PGAA Promos at www.pgaapromos.espwebsite.com. Ashley is also the author of Papa God and Ashley, It's a Relationship.  Out of a special encounter with God in her prayer time, this motivational speaker and child advocate realized God wanted to be her first love-her highest priority. In this turning point in her life, she realized the unforgiveness she held in her heart against God. As God called her back into His loving arms, healing and transformation began. In her conversational prayers with God, she sensed He was asking her to call Him Papa as a term of endearment. He began teaching her how to have a relationship with Him and how to walk in the calling God has on her life. This website was created to share her godly wisdom and to reach out to others to share this revelation knowledge so that you too can grow in your relationship with Papa God through His written Word and time in His presence. 

How She Got Started

In March of 2015, Ashley started Papa God and Ashley, teaching people how to have a relationship with God, whom Ashley calls, Papa God.  Motivated by her Facebook blog, "Papa God and Ashley Devotionals" and through dreams, visions, and experiences through others that God brings across her path; these stories were prompted by her quiet time with God in His Word. Ashley is a natural-born speaker with an encouraging approach to who we are in Christ and as children of the King! Ashley says, "If He is the King and He is our Creator, then that makes us royalty in the kingdom of God" 1 Peter 2:9

Ashley's Inspirational Story for Papa God Apparel

In the fall of 2017, I prayed and asked God what 2018 would look like for the body of Christ. Then I heard God speak to my spirit, "Ashley, 2018 will be the year of the corridor of doors and I want you to start a ladybug movement."  These custom-made Christian Apparel/shirts and jewelry are a reflection of the message from God to His children, “You are all uniquely created with a purpose to advance the Kingdom of God.” 

When you purchase one of the Papa God products, you are a part of something greater than yourself. We are all a part of a movement to spread the love of Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, and the world. The message in my book Papa God and Ashley; It’s a Relationship is this; “God wants His people to spend time with Him to know Him, not just know of Him. Jesus died so we could be reconciled back to the Father, (whom I call Papa God) and now the promised Holy Spirit lives inside every believer in Christ. The world needs to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, but how can we spread this message of love? 

You, child of God, were created for such a time as this. God created you to be a beautiful shining example for Christ, to others. We are His ambassadors and God has given you particular talents and gifts to walk through doors that God is ready to open.  My friend, God has an amazing purpose and plan for your life. So spread His message of love to others. And if the Holy Spirit leads, tell anyone who asks about your shirt and apparel how God has touched your life. Your story is what will open the door to that person's heart. 

The Ladybug Movement

As you will read in my book, Papa God and Ashley, It's a Relationship; God gave me a dream about a ladybug.  I don't want to spoil the story before you read it, so I will only give you a clue of what the ladybug represents.  Through my dream, God showed me that we are all created for a purpose to advance the Kingdom of God. And that no matter what the enemy does to try to discourage you, Papa God has you in the palm of His hands. The ladybug on the Papa God apparel is a reminder of this promise from God to you. When you wear your Papa God apparel, know that you are dearly loved by your Creator and He wants to spread His love to others through you.  


I’ll tell you a secret. Every morning I pray, “Let’s change the world, Papa!” Now, I am passing this mission statement on to you. When you go out in your Papa God apparel, pray and tell God this affirmation. Then watch and see Him open doors that no man can shut.  Just know, God is with you. 

OK, are you ready? Say it with me. "Let’s change the world, Papa!"

Now, go and be the light! There are people waiting to hear your story. 

Big hugs, Papa God and Ashley 

Author of Papa God and Ashley; It’s a Relationship

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