Love Letter

To My First Love,

There is just something so amazing about You, Papa. I can’t live or breathe without You. You are the first One I say hello to in the morning and the last One I say goodnight to before I fall asleep. My thoughts are fixed on You, Papa all day long.

People ask me why I am so in love with You. It’s because You are so wonderful. You amaze me every single day. When I sing to You, Your love fills the room. Your glory surrounds me like a cloud. It lifts me up into Your Holy of Holies. It is there that I find You. You tell me that You have been waiting for me. This makes my heart skip a beat. You make me so happy Papa.

When You speak to me, Your voice is all I can hear. When You whisper to me, I draw closer to You to feel Your breath and Your loving embrace. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even get close enough Papa. But one day I will! I long for that day. But until then, I want to tell You what You mean to me.

When I feel Your presence I snuggle close to Your heart so that I can hear it beat. The sound is so precious like it was in my mother’s womb.

Your light shines through me for all to see, Lord. There is no darkness in You. Your beauty in me is what they see. When people tell me I look like I am glowing. I tell them, “I am”. I tell them, “that it’s Jesus that you see in me.”

I can’t help but walk around with this smile on my face. I grin from ear to ear when I feel You are near. Your smile is contagious Lord. Yes, it is You in me that is so contagious!

People smile right back at me that don’t even know me. It’s all because of You, Papa! Some may not even know that it is You that they see. But there are others like me and they do see. We recognize each other. We are Your children Papa.

For those who do not know You yet, set my soul on fire for Your love. Send the blaze so high in the sky for all to see. Show me how to send out the smoke signal to others so that they too will see and want to know this love that lives in me. Like a mighty wind will You fan the flame and help me spread this fire for You Papa? Again, You are so contagious.

You are the King of the universe and You know my name. You created my inmost being and knit me together so wonderfully. Even when I do not feel beautiful, You still tell me that I am, Papa. You say I am Your baby girl and that there is no one else quite like me.

You say You knew me from before I was born. You say that You can count every hair on my head. I have a lot of hair don’t I, Papa? You thought of every detail of who You wanted me to be. Thank You for thinking of me.

Oh my goodness, I can’t stop talking about You Papa. I want to tell the world that You are my Papa and that I love you. Thank you so much for loving me first Papa. I want to pursue You with this same dedication. Your word says, knock and I will answer, seek and you will find Me.  I am knocking and seeking Papa.

I tell You that I love you and then You tell me You love me more. Who am I that you would think so highly of me Papa? You say that You choose me? Wow! How wonderful are Your ways, Papa? Your grace just blows me away.

You saw me and You called me out of the darkness into Your wonderful light, Papa. You are so glorious! How can I ever repay You? You tell me there is no debt and that all You want is my best. So my best is my love for You Papa. My heart in return is all I have to give to You. With empty hands, You gladly accept my gift of praise.

You are also very funny. I love Your sense of humor. It leaves me baffled and yet gives me the giggles too. Tell me more Papa! You created humor and I didn’t realize how funny You are until you made me laugh.

I write this letter to You Papa from a pure heart. Save it and keep it close to Your heart. Keep this letter as a treasure from my heart to Yours. I am your child and You are my Papa.

Why You love me so much, I will never fully know. But You do anyway. I have failed You so many times but You have never let me go. Down every life’s path, You pursued me every step of the way.

Thank you, Papa, for always catching me when I fall! You heal all my wounds and You have gently mended my broken heart; more times than I can count. Your love gives me great joy and a reason to live for You Papa.

This joy is unspeakable. These words to You Papa are just not even enough to express to You of how I feel about You. So as I stand in Your presence I will jump, dance and sing before You to show You, my love. Are You impressed, Papa? Your smile tells me YES!

Then I will run to you, Papa. Grab me in Your loving arms. Swing me around and around with laughter as my feet lift up off the ground. It is so fun to be in Your presence, Papa.

Oh, how I love You, Papa! When I know I get to spend the day in Your presence, I can’t wait to raise my hands and sing directly to You. You hear my voice even when I am out of tune and You still say “you sound so beautiful to Me baby girl!”

So I will sing longer and louder for You to hear my voice and feel my love for you in return. You amaze me Papa God. You simply amaze me! There is no greater love than this.

There is no one more important than You. Show me new things, Papa. I want to know You more and more. I want to hear what You have to say to me, Papa.

You ARE My First Love Papa!

Your baby girl,

The picture attached is the ownership of the artist on Pinterest. David Bowman

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