Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Every morning on the drive to school and then work for me, my daughter and I pray together and make declarations about our day. I started thinking about why it is important to speak out these decrees and why we use the name of Jesus at the end of every prayer.  When God created the universe, He used His words to speak what He wanted to see and it was by His words that light and dark were then separated.  His words changed the atmosphere around Him.  When we decide on how our day will be at the beginning of our day, we are speaking Gods life and truth into it; separating the light from darkness. Life can send many curveballs but we can choose to allow life to defeat us or we can choose to trust God no matter how difficult the task by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the way.  For example, we can choose to speak out words of joy, not sadness or depression.  When we speak words of wisdom over ourselves we are telling thoughts of confusion to leave and for God’s truth to take confusions place. When we speak favor, we are asking God to send us favor with others that we come in contact with throughout the day.

In the Old Testament when a new law was decided, declared and documented, the king then used a signage ring on his finger to stamp his ruling in a red wax to seal the envelope. This law was a decree that would be sent out to the kingdom with his authority to be established in the land.  As sons and daughters of the King of all kings, God has given us the name of Jesus to seal our prayer with His authority and the prayer is now decreed as the law of the day. Everything and everyone are subject to obey that law because of the authority behind the name of Jesus. When you use the name of Jesus and say what God says about your day, you are declaring how it will be for you and your family. This sends out the verdict that all of heaven backs up because it is sealed with the signature of the King-Jesus.  When you say “amen” it is the stamp of approval that you and God are in agreement with the declaration.

On your way to your destination, what are you saying about your day and how it will be? As a child of the King, think about what God would say when you pray for your day, then see all of heaven back you up.


“Lord, I thank You for today.  Because I am Your child, I believe that what I say changes the very atmosphere around me.  I declare that today is going to be an amazing day, full of Your goodness.  I ask that You send Your angels out to keep charge over me and my family for protection as we go to school and work.  I declare favor with our leaders, teachers, and peers.  I speak joy over myself and everyone that I come in contact with.  I decree that I have the mind of Christ and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Light my path and let my steps be ordered of You, Lord.  I declare it to be so as it is in the Jesus name that I pray, amen.”

Big hugs,

Papa God and Ashley

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