Jesus amazed people who questioned who He said He is. When He did what was impossible for man, the impossible was no longer a question who He is and if He could or would. I love the last verse of this scripture in Mark 2:12 and I want this to be a key focus.

To set the stage, a group of people had cut a hole in the roof of a house where Jesus was performing many miracles. They lowered a paraplegic man into the home where Jesus stood. When Jesus said to the paraplegic, “Your sins or forgiven.” Some questioned Him by what authority He had to forgive sins. Jesus then told the man to get up and walk. Then this happened.

“He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!” Mark 2:12

My point is this. It takes great faith to bypass many people, who are waiting for a miracle, by cutting a hole in the roof to put a crippled man in front of Jesus. Somehow they knew if they could just get in front of Him, the man will be whole. The second part is when Jesus spoke the words, “Get up and walk” the man got up and moved. Many saw it happen and were amazed by what Jesus did for these people who had great faith.  It takes faith and action to see the impossible become possible through the spoken words of Christ Jesus.

Many people are waiting to see the move of God in their lives but there’s no action on their part. This true story is a great example of what God expects from believers if we want to see the impossible become reality.


Lord, I pray for the impossible to be possible because You can and will. I am coming to You with great faith and expecting a miracle. Show me things that I have never seen before. Let my eyes see Your glory in my family, workplace, healings and ________. (Fill in the blank). No longer will I doubt that You can and will do the impossible.  I will take up my mat and walk so that others, including myself, will see and be amazed by You, as we praise Your name. In Jesus name, Amen.

Big hugs,

Papa God and Ashley

Artist of the photo is provided by Pexels-Tim Gouw

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