So I have a confession to make. I have shut down for the past three weeks from social media and my Papa God and Ashley blog. So much has happened and still happening in my life right now. Our family dog Shiloh passed away this week, my daughter graduated from High School a few weeks ago, I am leaving for Haiti tomorrow and I have had the feeling of exhaustion because of so much going on. Work and normal responsibilities have kept me busy through it all. But there were moments where I felt weak and just did not want to pray or spend time with Papa God. Have you ever felt this before? Life is hectic and the last thing I wanted to be was in a happy mood. For those who know me well, this is so unlike me.  By nature, I am a happy person and a prayer warrior when I need to be.  The enemy was working overtime on me and I felt stuck in exhaustion.
Two days ago, I laid in bed and watched a sermon about building an altar to God. The preacher said, “say that out loud! God, I build an altar to You.”
At first, I couldn’t say it very loud so in a soft voice I made the declaration. Suddenly the preachers said, “Say it like you mean it! You are talking to low, my friend!” Of course, unknowingly he was speaking right to me through this online video recording. And so I repeated the words in a louder and more authoritative voice. Lord, I build an altar to You!” I found myself saying it over an over until most of the feelings of exhaustion left me.
The next morning, I knew I needed to give more of my burdens over to God. I got down on my knees before God, like I was kneeling before an alar. It was there in that moment that I handed every concern, every need, and every feeling of defeat over to Him.  Boy, did I ever feel better! Something lifted off my shoulders and I am so glad, too.  That was a heavy weight to carry on my own. 
This morning my good friend Debbie called me and gave me a scripture. Since I am leaving for Haiti tomorrow, this is the scripture I am standing on and I would like to ask you to be in agreement with me on this scripture? I know that He is with me and our team.
You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5  (NIV)
It is refreshing to know that God has His hand on us. Please pray for us as we successfully bring the message of the Gospel to the people in Haiti. Pray also that we come in and out of Haiti like a stealth bomber; flying under the radar of the enemy but leaving behind the blast of the message of truth, hope, and deliverance. One of the tasks that we are doing while there, is we are building a wall around the school/church for their protection. There was cactus there before that had huge needles. The needles are removed now because they are not safe for the kids. We are also giving the women 4 sewing machines and accessories so that they can make their own clothes. Talk about hemming together. LOL!
The theme for this year is Even Greater. I know that God has even greater plans for us and the people. He goes before us and He stands behind us, working all things out for His purpose and good pleasure. We are going on a mission advancing the Kingdom of God to even greater heights. Sometimes, things or circumstances can become a mountain that stands in our way to the altar that God is asking us to build in order to stand before Him. He has greater plans for us but we must knee before Him and seek His face, whether we feel like it or not, and give it all to Him. I am learning this.
Literally, Satan doesn’t want us to build an altar because he wants us to sit on our own throne of self-pity, defeat, and frustration. We must not and will not let him block us from the throne room of God’s grace. There is too much to do to advance God’s Kingdom. With that said, I want to thank you all for your prayers and all who donated for this trip. I look forward to telling you all about the many great things God is doing in Haiti.
Big hugs,
Papa God and Ashley
Picture provided by Free Stock photo’s on Pexels

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