Do you know of anyone who has his own star in the heavens? Even if you might, do you know of anyone in history who had a group of Magi that followed a specific star for years, just trying to find a baby with it? That would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack, right?  But God did something so miraculous for them to find Jesus. Only the one’s truly looking for Him would know how to find Him.

Only a King who is above all kings could give such a bright sign to the Magi. The Magi studied the prophecy’s of old and researched the perfect star that would point to the prize; a baby.  Scripture says the Magi came from far away lands to find Jesus.  Their goal, was to worship Him and bring Him gifts fit only for a King.

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem

and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.” Matthew 2:1-2

Just as it was over 2,000 years ago, Jesus is still worthy to be celebrated and adored today.  If you don’t know Him or it’s been a while since you have looked for Him; look up to the stars.  You will see the extravagant and vast stars that reach into thousands of galaxies. Abraham, the chosen man of God’s covenant, the blood line of the promised Messiah, and the father of many nations, was shown these same stars in the heavens by The Creator.

Then the LORD took Abram outside and said to him, “Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!” Genesis 15:5 (NLT)

God was talking to Abram about a special people that would be in the generations to come, and He used stars to show Abram this example of His promise.  God knew you and I would be born in this day and time.  I find it amazing that He had great plans for us even way back then.  That promise He gave Abram started with one star for the Magi to follow and because of the birth of Jesus, that one bright star turned into the billions stars that lite up the heavens as our reminder.  Think about that for a second. God made all those stars to remind us that He was thinking of us, today.  When God told Abram he would be the father of many nations, He was referring to every color, every age, and gender that would seek Jesus as King.  He started with the a man that was of the Hebrew decent but God’s plans were so much more than that.  God needed to become flesh.  That could only be done by Jesus becoming a man to die in our place.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from; He created us to be more than what we can even imagine.  Jeremiah 29:13

Oh, my goodness, how He loves us! God is an extravagant gift giver who goes above and beyond to get our attention. Can you just wrap your head around this gift of love? The stars are proof of just how much He loves you.  Try to count them to know just how much. You can’t.  But just know He does.

In all the hustle and bustle of Christmas day, don’t forget to look at the stars tonight before you fall asleep and think about what God did for you. He stepped down into humanity and took on the form of a baby to live among us.  He walked with us, He talked with us, and He died and rose again for us… just to be ONE with us.  There is no one else in history like Him.  This coming year and the years beyond, be like the Magi and truly look for Jesus.  Bring Him the gift of you. Yes, you read that right.  He wants all of you; spirt, soul and body.  He wants a relationship with you, not a religion that just looks nice on the surface.  You will find Him if you seek Him with your whole heart and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. It’s that simple.

This Christmas, let us praise and worship the King. He is so worthy of your praise and adoration.

Merry Christmas!

Big hugs!

Papa God and Ashley

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